Small Graces


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Synopsis: Grace crash lands on a planet and finds something she didn’t know she was looking for.

Read May 9, 2010, Second Sunday, Bend Public Library.

I have to follow that?” [Excellent] I was also informed I have some fans to whom I should e-mail this to.



copyright 2010 M. Pax, all rights reserved.

Grace screamed. Alone with no way back.

It was useless to hope for rescue. The mother ship wouldn’t risk all which remained of her world and her people to save her. Just her. She was one. Small. Not enough to matter in the grand scheme of her people’s future.

The pod bobbed in the eddies of heliospeheres, dark matter, solar winds and magnetospheres. It washed up against an off-hued planet of purples, tawdry yellows and burnt sienna. Instead of bouncing off like a pebble across the surface of a quiet pond, Grace’s pod found a way in. The planet shone as barely a speck. Futile against the vastness of the cosmos. How did she end up here over the gas giants and stars? No one would ever find her. Oh, she was doomed.