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Synopsis: Ba Rainy goes about with Miracle Gro in her shoes, hoping to attain some sort of super power or a miracle.

Read March 14, Second Sunday at the Bend Public Library. It was very well recieved.



copyright 2010 M. Pax, all rights reserved

Under New Management!

An army of contractors, decorators and corporate suits had come in, scurrying in the shadows. They worked tirelessly for weeks. The stench of rotting vegetation and meat had been scoured away. The floors and shelves gleamed. The promise of a new start blared across the spotless windows. The crowds did not come. They didn’t feel it.

Ba Rainey didn’t feel it either. She stared out the window, unmoving. If she dared to move, someone might notice her. If someone noticed her, she’d have to make some sort of effort at something. She didn’t want to. Saying more than the first syllable of her name was more effort than she could bear.