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The Rifters is set in Settler. Learn about this peculiar town.

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Five Necessities for Surviving on the...

  Five Necessities for Surviving on the Edge The outskirts of the Backworlds, the Edge, is full of mercenaries, scam artists, and thieves. Plus there are dangers, deadly ones. So be sure to have these items when traveling to the Edge: Chocolate Chocolate is the most prized commodity in the galaxy. It’s rare and precious. […]

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Salvation Comes at a Price: Precipice...

To kill or to stun? That is the question Backworlders carry guns with bullets and stunners. To kill, they have to overcome an embedded inclination in their genes not to kill. They will use lethal weapons to defend themselves, but it’s not their first instinct. The Fo’wo’s, the creators and long-time enemy of the Backworlds, […]

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Worlds on Edge on Sale: #99cents #Sci...

Get your read on! * * * Available from:  Amazon / Nook / Smashwords / Kobo / iTunes / Scribed / inktera / GooglePlay * *Take Off Your Pants I’ve been frustrated for awhile trying to figure out how to write faster. I figured the only way to do it was to learn how to be more […]

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