I’m writing this in a moment of shock and sorrow. I don’t know what to feel. I don’t know what to think. I don’t know anything other than my world has been turned inside out and I’m so very, very, very, very sad.

I lost someone close to me today, someone who created this site, which makes me all the sadder to type this. He was someone who was always rooting for me, so proud I wrote all these books, the person I turned to for help when I messed up this site. Most of all, I’ve known him since he was born. Never did I think I’d be saying good-bye so soon. Love you, Bill.

The flag on this site is at half mas until further notice. I’ll be away for two weeks… physically away and then I don’t know. I have no idea what will happen.

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Discovering #Oregon #Photo Journal: Between Antelope and Shaniko. New Release: Of Mist and Magic #Fantasy

Besides watching bad sci-fi movies, Husband Unit and I really enjoy exploring the quiet places of Oregon. We had just left Antelope and were on our way to the Pioneer Days festival in Shaniko.

Is there any scene more sublime?



Every day I spend here in Oregon, I am so grateful to be subjected to this state’s unending grand beauty.



Then we ran into killdozer. Remember that movie? I was just a kid so it scared me.



This is what the ground was like under killdozer… very strange…


There’s a whole world to explore if we care to stop the car and poke around. We always do. There’s so many ideas out there if I’m not zooming by.




Abandoned… It’s a shame they had to leave such a beautiful place, and leave it so completely.



Are those volcanic killer ash bees up in that tree? Hmm, let’s sneak away…


Man and nature can make an interesting poem, or is it a statement?


Then there are nature’s poems. Hmm, yes.



I love exploring the quiet corners of this state. What do you like to explore?


Of Mist and Magic

Of Mist and Magic

Only 99 cents from Amazon. Proceeds of the Amazon exclusive ebook will be donated to Elevate Life and Art studios, an amazing youth organization in Asheville, NC.

Enter the world Of Mist And Magic, where fairy tales are reimagined under the influence of Really Slow Motion‘s inspiring music, in this enchanting anthology of short stories. 

Cover design and images by artist Daniel Pennystone.

Of Mist and Magic contributing authors:

FIRE by Amy Willoughby-Burle
THE FOURTH WISH by Crystal Collier
PIPER by Loni Townsend
AWAKENING by Shannon Kenoyer Lawrence
ROOTED by Ruth Long
BY THE LIGHT OF STARS by Lisa Shambrook
HOOD by Sarah Aisling
OF DREAMS AND DARING by Samantha Redstreake Geary

Of Mist and Magic Writing Contest Winners:
THE RETURN by Djinnia

Elevate Life and Art Epic Writing Students:

CINDERS & SMOKE by Jenni Camhi
MAGIC TOWER by Carter Lundgren
CELESTIAL GATE by Jeremiah Mimken
STARCHILD by Josiah Mimken
AEORIEN by James Mimken
COLLAPSING UNIVERSE by Caroline Sprenger

 Excerpt, “The Wulfing” by M. Pax 

©2014 M. Pax, all rights reserved

The eyes of the other two sus glowed with inner light, the power of the ethereal flux. I patted the skin under mine. The tips of my fingers burned. Already the wulfing claimed me.

The casting out horn blasted, tingling along my nerves like the threads of my robe. In a line we three sus paraded out in the traditional order — the Sus of Lonan, The Sus of Dunn, the Sus of Ablin. My mother and the villagers regaled us with chanted wishes and beads soaked in stain. The colors splashed our robes and hair. The massive gate at the far end of the temple opened. The three of us marched out with the flow of the wulfing.

Every bit of me shook, even my tongue shivered. Beyond the gate, the air didn’t move. Thick and stagnant, I found it hard to swallow, feeling as if I already faded from existence. The other two sus coughed and spat, flailing onto their knees. My legs wobbled, threatening to follow their example.

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Getting a Handle on a Case of the Overwhelmeds


Writing is a full-time job. So is marketing. So is the business side. Feeling overwhelmed isn’t unusual for an author.

I’ve had a case of it lately: a novel due, a short story due, another project with a deadline, business demands, promotional demands, the list goes on and on. It’s no surprise I began feeling frustrated and as if I was spinning my wheels – getting nowhere.

How many of you feel this way from time to time?

To get a handle on it, I make a schedule. My main project (my next release) gets the bulk of my time and my best hours. Then I schedule in the other things so that they move forward. This worked great until Husband Unit gave me whatever crud he caught. Now nothing is getting done. Siigh.

How do you handle a case of overwhelmed?

This is my February IWSG post. This group meets the first Wednesday every month to share insecurities and offer encouragement. I’m on IWSG patrol with AlexDonna, Sarah Fosterand Gwen Gardner.


What am I up to?

Precipice, Backworlds Book 6 is past the halfway point. Yay. Official release is set for May 11th. If you’d like to assist with the buzz that week or any time thereafter, yay. SIGN UP

Finished first draft of a short story, “Corrosive,” for the next Untethered Realms anthology, Mayhem in the Air. Just back from my crit group, so I have an edit for it on deck.

I’m working on a serial that I hope to release June/July.

I’m in the preplanning phase for Rifters Book 3, The Reader.

I recently switched my Kobo distribution from Smashwords to Draft2Digital, so have been reformatting most of my older books. Have one more to go.

I switched Semper Audacia over to KDP Select

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Speculative Fiction: CattlePunk. Is There Gangsta Cow in That?

I had never heard of cattlepunk, but I write it. A lot of us love it without knowing what it is.

What is it? It’s western meets speculative fiction. There’s the steampunk variety which usually involves alternative history (movie: Wild Wild West). 

There’s the space western, where Firefly is the superlative example. Here’s a deleted scene:

Also Cowboys versus Aliens.

Then there’s Weird West where the western goes supernatural. Stephen King’s the Dark Tower is a prime example, and a story by the uber talented, Christine Rains.



It’s not to be confused with cowpunk, which is a kind a music mixing punk and country.


Chances are, if you’re writing/reading speculative fiction, you’re writing/reading a punk of some kind.





Have you seen Angela Brown’s new covers for NeverLove and They All Fall Down. Rumor has it #3 in the series is coming. Awesomesauce!

Duty or love…there can be only one.
A love worth fighting for…


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Geek Woman Problems with Christine Rains (Loose Corset Tour), #SpecFicChat is Here, The Return of Mistress Snark

Christine Rains is here for a visit today. You’ll be well entertained. Promise.



By Christine Rains

I’m a geek through and through, but sometimes when I read those geek girl problems, I can’t relate. They’re young geek problems. When you get older, you’ll discover a whole new mess of nerd troubles.

So I present to you: Geek Woman Problems!

Geek Woman Problem #19: You find a few gray hairs and wonder if you could pull off the Lily Munster look. 


Geek Woman Problem #33: Your kid doesn’t want you to pick him up at school anymore because you might embarrass him. But you only wore your Star Trek uniform that one time!

Geek Woman Problem: #48: You can’t find Wonder Woman underwear with the slimming control top band.

Geek Woman Problem #60: The clerk at the comic book store asks if you’re looking for your child.

Geek Woman Problem #73: The neighborhood kids call you a witch because your wardrobe consists of mostly black clothing.

Geek Woman Problem #79: When asked who your favorite Batman is, you’re met with confused expressions when you say Adam West.


Share with us some of your geek problems!

Loose Corset

by Christine Rains

LooseCorset_MSR (2)

Dice and Debauchery, Book 1

A weekend away at a convention is exactly what overworked student Morgan needs. Dressed as her character from her favorite online game, Morgan is braced—seriously, could her corset be tighter?—to meet the other players. As Lady Gyrfalcon, she’s ready for everything—except her intense attraction to Dean. A clandestine meeting in the hallway of the hotel and Morgan’s corset is looser but now she can’t breathe for entirely different reasons. 

Utterly charmed, Morgan decides to roll the dice and indulge in a fantasy-worthy weekend of sexy roleplaying, scorching sex and life-altering orgasms. Still, through it all Morgan is too smart to believe the chemistry constantly stripping her of costumes and control can last more than the length of the convention. But if she wants to keep a relationship so intense she thought it only existed in fiction, she’s going to have to let go of her cool-headed logic and allow herself to fall far and fast for the perfect guy.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Amazon / B&N / Ellora’s Cave / Kobo

About Christine: Christine Rains is a writer, blogger, and geek mom. She’s married to her best friend and fellow geek living in south-central Indiana. They have one son who is too smart for his parents’ own good and loves to pretend he’s Batman. Christine has four degrees which help nothing with motherhood, but make her a great Jeopardy player. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s going on adventures with her son or watching cheesy movies on Syfy Channel. She’s a member of Untethered Realms and S.C.I.F.I. (South Central Indiana Fiction Interface). She has several short stories and novellas published. The Dice & Debauchery series is her first contemporary erotic romance.

Website / Blog

** I will add in a note Loose Corset is a hilariously fun read and sexay. Another great work from Christine.


#SpecFicChat is Here!

Talking about all things speculative fiction, Fridays on Twitter.


Next chat begins January 23, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. GMT/1:00 p.m. EST. I’m starting it off. @mpax1 in case you’re not following yet.

Topic: Punking it up. What’s the attraction of Steampunk?

Use #SpecFicChat to join the conversation any time. The chat is ongoing, which means you can join in anytime that’s convenient to you, including a day after this Friday.


The Return of Mistress Snark’s Tea


Mistress Snark has emerged from the secret chambers beyond her parlor to grace us with her wit, punch, and tea once more. The third Tuesday of every month, you’ll find her and her guests on theUntethered Realms blog.

I’m her first vic- um, guest. Come by and visit.


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