Have a Meowy Holiday Anyway the Force Flows


A bit of holiday entertainment to tide you over until Jan. 8. Yup, I’m taking advantage of the holidays to do nothing but write over the next few weeks with a break here and there for feasting. I’ll still be around on Twitter and FB.

Meowy Christmas from me, Kayla, and Nini!

[I chanced grave injury for these photos]



I ran across this on Twitter a few weeks ago. It’s so awesome, I keep watching it.

You all have a safe and peaceful holiday season filled with love and joy. May you hit the best sellers charts in 2014. :)


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23 thoughts on “Have a Meowy Holiday Anyway the Force Flows

  1. Hi Mary – have a good break with lots of writing, but enjoy those interludes of feasting .. love Kayla and Mini – bet they’re still smarting in disbelief and being posted into the blogging world!

    Fun video on Bohemian Rhapsody .. cheers Hilary

  2. I have treats, I’ve been forgiven Hilary

    Happy Holidays, Heather!

    You too, Alex.

    Husband Unit risked his life by holding Nini, Diane. lol

    Isn’t it awesome, River? I just love it.

    Thank you, Julie. I hope it takes a upturn.

  3. Oh my goodness, your cats! I saw the cat costumes at the store and seriously considered one, but figured my cat, Cleo, would give me those exact looks. They did have a sparkly red bowtie I’m still pondering. She’s a pure black cat. I think she’d look spectacular.

    Beautiful cats, btw, and enjoy your writing time.

  4. Cats always want to be themselves, Maurice. Dogs want to please.

    Well, my PC is in pieces, Kimberly, so not much writing is getting done.

    If you only get looks, Shannon, you’re doing OK. A friend of mine’s cat used to love dressing up. He roamed around the neighborhood in a leather jacket. lol

    Love that video, Rusty.

    Happy Holidays, Brinda!

    Congrats to you, Jay Noel!

  5. Hope you have a great holiday season.!
    Talk about a grumpy cat…

    We have four cats. One would be easy to put that stuff on, one would look grumpy afterwards and the other two would fight it to the death. Probably ours!

  6. I applaud your bravery in even attempting to dress a cat! I’ve been trying to get some writing done over the holiday season as well. Hope it’s productive for you, and I wish you and yours a merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :-)

  7. Seriously? Treating a cat like a dog? You did risk bodily injury! Hope you get a lot of writing done. (Hopefully your computer issues are all cleared up! I read facebook on mu iPod, but it’s sooo old and slow, commenting from it is a total pain…so I cringed as I read and felt the pain with you!)

  8. I can tell those cats are plotting their revenge. Better watch your back…

    Wishing you, your family (and your cats) a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2014!

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