The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey


Excited about the movie? We are.

Welcome to HobbitFest! I’m thrilled to be cohosting this hop with Tyrean of Tyrean’s Writing Spot. Visit all the Hobbit Hoppers. LIST OF PARTICIPANTS

Answering these four questions will transport us on an unexpected journey:

What is your favorite hobbit characteristic/or the one that you think closely resembles you . . .?  Like the hobbitses, I enjoy where I live so much, I don’t mind staying where I am. However, I do also enjoy a good adventure. I’m just as intrigued by other cultures and learning.

If you could choose between a scrumptious second breakfast and a perilous unexpected journey – which would you prefer? Who can say no to bacon?

Have you ever left behind something on a journey (expected or unexpected) and wished you could have it over and over again? (a pocket handkerchief?)

Recently, on a boring expected journey (errands), the diamond fell out of my engagement ring and remains hopelessly lost. Siiigh. I wish over and over to have it back. After wearing it for 20 years, I’m feeling a bit naked.

What is your Favorite part or quote from the book that you hope will be in the movie? I always enjoy scenes in the shire. I’m sure the movie magic will be wonderful.

Have a great weekend everybody! My last post of 2012 will be next Wednesday. If the world ends as the Mayans predict, the last ever…



  1. December 14, 2012    

    Who could ever say no to that…

  2. December 14, 2012    

    Sorry about your ring. I’d rather stay at home as well.
    That song just might not be in the movie…

  3. December 14, 2012    

    OMG…where did you find that video? :D

    Maybe since the Hobbits found the ring you could ask them to find your diamond? Bribe them with bacon…

  4. December 14, 2012    

    I lost two of the diamonds in my engagement ring. My husband finally just purchased a new one for me.

  5. December 14, 2012    

    Oh, noes! You lost the stone out of your ring! You won’t be able to go invisible anymore. :P Seriously, that’s really sad. But now hubs knows what to get you for Christmas. :)

    And I sent that video to a friend once. Yeah, most annoying song EVER.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. December 14, 2012    

    LOL, Leonard Nimoy! That’s hilarious.

    We have the same answer for number one. I love home but need an adventure every once in a while.

    Sorry your diamond is still missing :(

    Thanks for hosting, M. This was a blast!

  7. December 14, 2012    

    Hilary had trouble leaving a comment, so I’m doing it for her:

    Hi Mary – love your Fest design poster .. much better than that song – that’s put me off!

    Great fest but I’m really sorry about your diamond … that is a right pain – but Gandalf maybe able to help you find it if you ask very nicely … that’s a major loss for any one. Now bacon cheers me up …

    I like adventures … but love being at home too … Hobbiton looks rather homely and comforting though ..

    Cheers Hilary

  8. December 14, 2012    

    That song is crazy!!! I love that you said “hobbitses” Cutest word ever. :) Thanks for this fest—it’s making the build up to seeing the movie extra fun.

  9. December 14, 2012    

    It’s tough, Anna. It smells and tastes so goood.

    I’m sorry about it, too, Alex. I keep hoping it’ll turn up. Probably not, though. Siiigh.

    I wish I could, Laura. I found that video ages ago. It amuses me.

    Nice Diane. For now, I’m wearing my grandmother’s ring as a replacement.

    It is sad, LG. I have to dig around and see if we still have the warranty. The video is something.

    It makes me laugh, Gwen. An adventure now and then can be nice as long as there’s no peril.

  10. December 14, 2012    

    LOL – I had no idea that Leonard Nimoy had a Hobbit song and video – that is hysterical and wonderful at the same time!!! Thank you for adding that!!!

    I agree that I love to be home, but I also love a good adventure.

    I’m so sorry about your ring – I hope it turns up . . .maybe like the ring does for Bilbo . . .

    And the movie was wonderful! Hope you enjoy it!

    Many, many thanks for joining me for this Hobbit Fest!!!

  11. December 14, 2012    

    Happy Hobbitfest, Hilary!

    It is a bit crazy, Nicki.

    I have the ring, not the diamond. Siiigh. I was happy to join you for Hobbitfest, Tyrean. It was a lot of fun.

  12. December 14, 2012    

    I’m so sorry about your diamond. Kim Kardashian lost one on her honeymoon with the dude she was married with for like 12 days (some basketball player). I know I know…why was I watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians?” So sue me. I watch reality television. But I remember how distraught kim was and she kept making people dive into the ocean (it was near the beach) to look for it. I don’t remember if they ever found it. But, I do remember it was ensured for a pretty penny.

  13. December 14, 2012    

    The bacon! mmmmm bacon … Where were we? :-D

  14. December 14, 2012    

    Pretty cool blogfest. I’ll head to Tyrean’s next. Who doesn’t love bacon? Even with a perilous journey you still have bacon.

  15. December 14, 2012    

    LOL. I think I’ve got that song permanently stuck in my head now!

    I’m sorry to hear about your ring. That’s too bad.

  16. December 14, 2012    

    Bacon IS awfully delicious. ^^ :D That’s terrible about your ring! I hope you can find the diamond, or if not, at least be able to replace it! It’s awful when you lose a valued piece of jewelry, especially when it’s so special.
    Hehe. ^^ Gotta love Leonard Nimoy! ^^ :D

  17. December 14, 2012    

    Your lost ring story is much worse than mine. I think I’d really cry if I lost the diamond from my engagement ring. I lost a pearl ring several years ago when we toured Jack Daniels Distillery. That was bad enough.

  18. December 14, 2012    

    Eeek, I don’t know what I’d do if I lost the diamond from my ring!

    And I know that I, for one, can never say no to bacon!

  19. December 14, 2012    

    HAHA, I had never seen that Nimoy vid before. Classic! I too love an adventure, but I try to avoid the perilous ones. My dad is the opposite – he loves peril. haha. All that said, I’d totally leap at the chance to go to the moon or some other planet, if it was offered!

  20. December 14, 2012    

    Question 2 – great answer. More delicious bacon, or possible death? Bacon.

  21. December 15, 2012    

    did you check smaug’s cave?
    you probably made someone’s xmas this year, hopefully it was insured! thats a precious thing to lose! but replaceable, right? (trying to see the positives…)

    thanks so much for this fun fest!

  22. December 15, 2012    

    Who would have thought Spock had that much emotion in him? Great video.

  23. December 15, 2012    

    I’m hoping to find the paperwork for it, Michael.

    I hear you on bacon, EJ

    I should have taken bacon for my perilous journey up and down Pine Mountain the other night, Maurice. The last 500 feet was solid snow. I used low gear for the first time ever. I always use 2nd on the way down, but it was too fast for that icy road.

    I hope the song doesn’t stick with you too long, Eagle.

    I hope to replace it, Amanda. Hopefully we’ll find the paperwork.

    Bummer. I hate losing jewelry, Carol. I lost an opal ring when I lived in NYC. I looked for months, but never found it. Siiiigh. I still think about it, too.

    It made me feel a little sick, Rebekkah. But after yesterday, I realize it’s not so big of a thing. It’s just a rock.

    I would, too, Trisha! I’d jump at the chance to go into space. And the winter journey up to the top of a mountain last week to go star gazing was pretty perilous. So, I guess there are some perils I will face.

    Definitely bacon, Libby.

    It could be worse, Tara. After yesterday’s news I don’t feel as bad about it. It’s just a diamond.

    It’s a classic, huh Carol?

  24. December 15, 2012    

    Thank you for that video! I needed the chuckle this morning. :)
    The movie was great too. Have fun hopping!

  25. December 15, 2012    

    Aww! I’m sorry to hear about losing your diamond in your ring! That’s terrible! Maybe one day it’ll turn up.

  26. December 15, 2012    

    That is a hilarious vid! Hilarious!! Who knew Nemoy could… well, sing? He’s better than Shatner even (in his own different way). ;)

    Sounds like a fun blogfest. I wish I’d been on the ball- had the time, etc. I would have enjoyed participating immensely. I’m feeling so time crunched… :(

  27. December 15, 2012    

    That one is always good for a laugh, Frances. I think we all need a few more.

    I keep hoping so, Cherie.

    It is a very amusing video, Danette. Hope you’re feeling less time crunched soon. Tis the season.

  28. December 17, 2012    

    Sorry about the diamond. It’s terrible to lose something precious to you.

  29. December 17, 2012    

    Oh, I can answer two of these. I’d choose a perilous journey. And a long time ago, when I was driving to Reno from SF and my crappy car broke down, I had to leave a few boxes of elementary school drawings and my old yearbook in a dumpster. I also had to give away my beautiful Great Dane to a good farmer family, before catching another ride. I have always regretted this!!!

  30. December 18, 2012    

    Leonard Nimoy singing Bilbo Baggins never fails to make me laugh!

    So sad about your ring.

  31. December 18, 2012    

    Thanks for hosting hobbitfest! Sorry to hear about your ring! You reminded me of something else I’ve lost – an ex boyfriend’s baby/hospital bracelet. I never told his mom I’d lost it…

  32. December 18, 2012    


    So sorry about your ring. :(((

  33. December 18, 2012    

    It is, Misha.

    That’s sad about all you had to leave behind, Catherine.

    It always makes me laugh too, Ellie.

    I’d have kept mum on that, too, Deniz.

    Bacon is the universal answer, Laura.