Huzzah! Joust Day 3 – Researching the Paranormal with Gwen Gardner, Keeping Your Name in Readers’ Minds


What a Contest! Cheers for the Knights! HUZZAH!

What an exciting battle!

The standings after the second day of grueling battles:  Ghost Knight 40, Knight Aidensdein 25, Knight of the Whispering Woods 20, Knight of Uber 18, Knight McSquee 17, Knight Light and Stormy Knight 16, Knight of the Fae Forest 15, and Gibberish Knight of the Triangle Ottoman 11.

On Facebook the Knights have challenged each other to a verbal joust as well, using all their assigned Ren words in the comments. No easy task, for I make the sad attempt everyday myself.

If you missed the rules: you may cheer for more than one knight, you may cheer up to three times a day, the knights score points by you cheering for them. One point for using the knight’s name (ie, Stormy Knight) and one point for using the knight’s special Renaissance word. Each day you cheer, your names gets put into the drawing to win a free ebook of The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear.

Stormy Knight, special word is wherefore (meaning, ‘why’)

Knight of the Whispering Woods, word is S’wounds (meaning ‘wow’)

Ghost Knight, word is hark (meaning ‘hey, listen up’)

Knight of Uber, word is prithee (meaning ‘please’)

Knight McSqee, Protector of Fandom, word is tosspot (meaning ‘drunkard’)

Knight Aidensdein, word is poppet (meaning, ‘child, doll’)

Knight of Fae Forest, word is cutpurse (meaning ‘thief’)

Knight Light, word is pray tell (meaning ‘please tell me’)

Gibberish Knight of the Triangle Ottoman, word is forsooth (meaning ‘indeed’)


Keeping Your Name in Readers’ Minds

I’m over at the Carol Kilgore’s Tiki Hut today, talking about things we can do to keep our names in our readers’ minds between book releases.


Paranormal Research with Gwen Gardner

I’m excited about the arrival of YA paranormal cozy mystery writer, Gwen Gardner, today. She recently published her first novel, Giving up the Ghost. She’s also jousting as Stormy Knight. Huzzah! Show her some love in the comments.

Hi Gwen! Welcome to Spacedock 19! Can I get you a drink?

GG: Got any holy water? No? Okay, I don’t think you’re supposed to drink that stuff anyway. It’s just that I thought I saw something dark lurking in the shadows over there. You can’t be too careful, you know? But regular water is fine, thanks.

MP: Actually, one of my local crit partners is a priest, so I can get some holy water. I did see a ghost once. I’d never believed in them before. One of my cats, Mr. Sox, was hit by a car, and I’d hear him at the window every night, clawing the screen like he’d do. Then one afternoon a black shape ran over my foot as I went to close the sliding glass door. My husband saw it too. It was so strange. After that, Mr. Sox didn’t visit anymore. Have you ever seen one?

GG: That’s funny you mention your cat, because the same thing happened when our cat died. We had him for nineteen years and losing him was devastating. We used to hear clawing at the kitchen window screen, just like when he was alive. I didn’t see him, though. As far as seeing an actual ghost, I’ve never seen one. But I’ve had some strange experiences. My daughter and I were sitting on our deck one evening and the motion light from the corner of the house came on. We both saw a human shadow pass through it. This was a rural area and nobody else was around. An Indian friend of mine said our property used to belong to the Kumeyaay nation, which was now about a mile away, and that the Indian spirits were probably still there.

MP: OK, that’s really odd that we had the same thing happen with cats. Mr. Sox clawed at the kitchen window, too.

I used some ghosts and a haunting in my latest book and did research. I watched a lot of Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters. Maybe watching a TV show for information is cheating, but it was fun. How did you go about researching your topics for Giving Up the Ghost?

GG: I did a lot of research from watching TV, also. Ghost Whisperer and Psychic Children, mostly. But I used to read Sylvia Brown religiously. I think I read her first ten books before I realized that she was repeating herself a lot. Still, I learned a lot about her childhood and how she was treated when people learned of her psychic abilities. Supposedly she was tested to be 80% accurate. I kept that in mind when I was writing Givin’ Up The Ghost. No psychic is 100% accurate. So to make it more interesting, I made my MC’s (Indigo Eady) psychic abilities backfire at nearly every turn. For every accuracy, there’s a corresponding oopsie. It keeps things interesting, and I’ve been told it makes my MC more endearing to be so clumsy, er, human. Indigo has complained to me about it, though. She wants to be less vertically challenged, so she doesn’t alienate her love interest, er, new friend Badger. But I just call it as I see it J

MP:  LOL Psychic abilities are fascinating. Did Sylvia explain how it worked? Are there different types of abilities?

GG: I find psychics and their abilities so fascinating. Not everyone believes in it, and I don’t blame them. If you think about it, it just sounds crazy. And of course there are the frauds that give the legitimate psychics a bad rep.

I don’t think anyone really knows how it works, it just does. It’s a gift from God. And yes, there are different types of psychic abilities. What most people are familiar with is Clairsentience, the ability to receive a silent thought or message from another dimension. There’s also Clairvoyance – the ability to see things that originate in another dimension, like ghosts. And then there’s Clairaudience, the ability to hear things originating from another dimension – something I’ve experienced myself. My main character in GUTG experiences all three, in addition to Psychometry – the ability to read the energy or history of an object or person through touch.

MP:  Very intriguing. Thanks for sharing what you learned and your insights, Gwen. Come back some time and we’ll chat about your experiences. I’d love to hear about those.

GG:  Thanks so much for hosting me today, Mary! It’s been fun being here at Spacedock 19. We’re not in danger of blasting off into space are we? Well, I’d better go now. *dashes off at the speed of light*

Giving up the Ghost by Gwen Gardner

Friend or Foe? Murder victim Bart Bagley is not content to merely roll over in his grave. He wants his murderer caught and he wants teenage ghost whisperer, Indigo Eady, to help him.

It becomes obvious that Bart’s temper lead to more than one disagreement, but is it enough to want him dead? With nothing but a cold trail and a hot list of “friendly” suspects, Indigo and her friends race to find the killer before they become the next victims.

Indigo Eady is not clumsy. At least, that’s what she keeps telling everyone. Can she help that the overactive spirit community of Sabrina Shores causes her psychic abilities to short-circuit? It’s unfortunate that her cute new friend Badger is often on the receiving end of her mishaps. At times, she is positively hazardous to his health. Even so, sparks start to fly in more than one direction…

Available from Amazon

More about Gwen

Running, writing and reading are my favorite things.

I am also a dreamer.

Have you ever told yourself that “someday” I’m going to travel or write or whatever it is that you are passionate about but can’t do right now for whatever reason? You can go for years and years and keep telling yourself that “someday” you’ll do it. Too often “someday” never comes. But mine did. I am a former Administrative Manager and Vice President of a successful swimming pool plastering company – until I woke up one day and realized that my “someday” had arrived. I quit my job, moved to the mountains and began to write. Crazy, I know. But even crazier? Is when you get to the end of your life and realize that your “someday” is too late. Life is much too short for that! So the adventure has begun.

Gwen Gardner, YA Author / Partners in ParanormYA / GoodReads / Amazon


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  1. November 14, 2012    

    I’m here for the Knight of the Whispering Woods. S’wounds

  2. November 14, 2012    

    Here, here. Lady M. Pax, I , the Knight of the Whispering Woods, shall by clean thrust of lance or sword win out or at the very least, s’wounds you.

  3. November 14, 2012    

    Great subject matter, Gwen and Mary! I’m a believer in psychic abilities and ghosts. There’s a lot in this world that we don’t understand.

    A new jousting day! I swear on my poppet’s head the brave Knight Aidensdein doth carry my favor today, for she raised her lance in salute to Mistress Snark and her tea party when she rode over to my blog.

  4. November 14, 2012    

    Ghost Knight arriveth to give good cheer for my partner and friend, Stormy Knight. Wherefore, Stormy Knight, I declare today a new day’s challenge and fun.


  5. Mary Preston Mary Preston
    November 14, 2012    

    You had me at Knights.

    What a fabulous post thank you.

  6. November 14, 2012    

    Forsooth, Ghost Knight has stolen the lead, with no spine to the knightly name! Pray tell, Knight Aidensdein, doth Knight light and Stormy Knight dwell as tosspots last eve? I dare say with such even lances and point they must share some same quality.
    I am swounded, Knight of the Whispering Woods by your many admirers, but think your armor hath dulled from last eve’s blows. Prithee, have your wears looked upon- just in case.
    Ah Knight of Uber, your name reminds me of my poppets stories foretold in their ‘Uber’ manners.
    Hark, Knight Mcsquee, you and I- Knight of the Fae Forest- must run off the cutpurse who doth steal Gibberish Knight of the Triangle Ottoman’s points!
    Wherefore art thou meddlesome thief?

    On the Marrow-
    ~Knight of the Fae Forest.

  7. Marie Bittinger Marie Bittinger
    November 14, 2012    

    The Lady Marie waves a perfumed scarf for the gallant Knight of Uber. Prithee may he garner more support.

  8. Melissa Bradley Melissa Bradley
    November 14, 2012    

    Terrific interview ladies! I love these visits to Spacedock 19, the c oolest place in the galaxy. Funny you both mention ghost cars, my friend’s cat passed 7 years ago she swears that for the first year, she heard him purring by her ear every morning like he used to.

    The Stormy Knight tis indeed a champion. Wherefore there is no better knight of the realm.

  9. November 14, 2012    

    Thank you so much for inviting me today, Mary. It’s so fun to be here – as long as SD19 doesn’t take off! It’s a busy morning – I’ve already had an interview and a joust with Ghost Knight this morning. Any other takers? I thank ye kindly, Melissa, for choosing me as your knightly champion today. *Bows*

  10. November 14, 2012    

    Thank you Laura, I’m a believer, too.

    But you wound me to the quick for not honoring Stormy Knight with your favor – although I doth enjoy Knight Aidensdein’s company, I have yet to face her on the jousting field – methinks she is avoiding me because she has heard of my prowess with the lance…

  11. November 14, 2012    

    I love reading about psychic abilities and the like! And that’s a good point, Gwen, about having your character not get everything right all the time. :)

  12. November 14, 2012    

    Angela, aka Ghost Knight. I retract all whisperings behind cupped hands now that you have gained your senses and champion me! Huzzah!

  13. November 14, 2012    

    Summer aka Knight of the Fae Forest, S’wounds! Ye flowery prose impresses me, but thy content wounds me to the quick. To suggest that I, Stormy Knight, am a tosspot is highly insulting. Pray tell, where were ye last night? I hear tell, cutpurse, that ye lurked in said taverns of illrepute yerself!

  14. November 14, 2012    

    Cherie, our characters must have flaws to be relatable. Of course my characters do complain about it…but, it’s fun to write them.!

  15. November 14, 2012    

    Knight of the Fae Forest, I challenge ye to raise your lance and prepare for battle . . .when I get to my feet that is . . .I spent too much time sitting down yesterday.
    M Pax and Gwen – great interview – very interesting.
    M Pax -Thanks for stopping by yesterday and thanks for your prayers for Jessica.

  16. November 14, 2012    

    I have found your tickle spot, Stormy Knight. I, Ghost Knight shall bombard the with lance, words and tickles until ye proclaim Ghost Knight, lack of spine but stout in the spirit of backbone, champion! Huzzah!!

  17. November 14, 2012    

    Forsooth! I am entertained by the jousting tournament. Hark, Ghost and Stormy have turned this into quite a contest and without becoming tosspots. Uber, Woods, Mcsquee, and Light, pray tell, where did you learn such moves. S’wounds. Wherefore on the facebook, Fae Forest challenged all the other knights to a verbal joust and not because she was held at knife point by a cutpurse. Gibberish stand tall and proud in her armor.

    Poppet, prithee bring us more tea.

  18. November 14, 2012    

    Tyrean, glad you enjoyed the interview:)

  19. November 14, 2012    

    Some of those ghost paranormal storie shows on television are waayyy over the top. But I guess they have to be in order to get viewers. My friend Alyson blogs over at Paranormal Pursuits and she’s a real life ghost hunter (not kidding). I read about her exploits, EVP, and whatnot.

    You know the two words, Mary, in your Hetty Locklear pitch that makes me want to read it now? “Mature Content”. It’s intriguing, and draws my eye. I will be plowing through it soon!

  20. November 14, 2012    

    Come sit in the tent, Lady Ciara, out of the sun. That shiny armor can hurt the eyes in such brightness.

    I am very impressed Knight of the Whispering Woods. The thwacks of your lance are startling.

    I believe that, too, Lady Laura. A fine champion you have chosen.

    How gallant, Ghost Knight.

    Nice to met you, Mary. You have a great name. :)

    Knight of the Fae Forest, you made a marvelous challenge on FB and do it credit. It makes your armor shine all the brighter. Huzzah!

    Lady Marie, welcome to the joust. It is great to see folks championing the Knight of Uber. He makes for a fine sight upon his charger.

    I wonder if it isn’t then something about cats, Lady Melissa. Very interesting.

    Stormy Knight! It was such a fun chat and you make a fine knight, showing such great skill an chivalry.

    It is a very interesting topic, Lady Cherie.

    Brave Knight Light! What a fine figure you cut on the field. I hope Jessica’s surgery goes well.

    lol Ghost Knight.

  21. November 14, 2012    

    What a great interview! I love ghost stories and can’t wait to read Gwen’s book. The experiences you’ve both had are fascinating to me. I’m definitely a believer. I have to cheer for Stormy Knight today now, go Gwen! :)

  22. November 14, 2012    

    Ghost Knight, thy gibberish precedes ye! At least the Stormy Knight possesses a funny bone to tickle. Thou, on the other hand, do not. Prithee, surrender anon, and save thyself embarrassment!

  23. November 14, 2012    

    Knight McSquee, finally able to drop by! Huzzah!!! Glad to hear the joust is a success. I may be down in numbers, but I make up for it in awesome!

  24. November 14, 2012    

    Julie, thank you so much for the support! Lady Gwen and Stormy Knight both bow to your kind words!

  25. November 14, 2012    

    Michael, they sure are. Have you ever seen Supernatural? I watched a few (okay, pretty much a marathon) recently to prepare for an interview over at Elizabeth Seckman’s blog. It took a bit of getting used to, but then I really enjoyed the originality of the show.

  26. November 14, 2012    

    I’m here for the Knight of the Whispering Woods. S’wounds she uses that lance well.

  27. November 14, 2012    


    Congrats on your new release. I love the premise of your book. Ghosts are always fascinating!

  28. November 14, 2012    

    Tis a lovely discussion about the supernatural with Lady Gwen. I find such things fascinating, but alas, I’ve never been visited by a spook or experienced a true psychic.

    Huzzah for Knight Aidensdein! Skewer those other rascals. They are merely poppets beneath your mighty lance.

  29. November 14, 2012    

    Gwen is awesome! Didn’t know one of her critique partners was a priest though.
    And pray tell, Knight Light, do you glow in the dark?

  30. November 14, 2012    

    Knight Aidensdein huzzah! Another insightful interview MPax. Mr Sox would be proud.

  31. November 14, 2012    

    Loved the interview & the jousting tourney! So much fun. Gibberish Knight of the Triangle Ottoman – LOL! Love that one.

  32. November 14, 2012    

    Huzzah Lady M … I see that I have come up the ranks. S’wounds! I hope thee are pleased with the Knight of the Whispering Woods jousting; the blows have been hard, and me back is wrenched. But for thee … I would do anything!

    Hi, Gwen…

    What an awesome interview. I find anything about psychic abilities amazing. My most recent client is a psychic (I’m an interior designer by trade). I think she may have ability, but she borders on the hype. She’s more into the meditation and angel thing. Interesting all the same though.

    Your novel sounds like an intriguing read. Looking forward to reading it. Good Luck!

  33. November 14, 2012    

    Gwen- Stormy Knight-
    Forsooth I may hap lurked around some corners, perhaps a tavern or two…
    Shifts me eyes in nervousness. Touche… My wings shall fly again tomorrow.

    ~Knight of the Fae Forest

  34. November 14, 2012    

    I was unaware Knights were so ticklish, Ghost. It’s a nice twist in the action.

    My first published sex scene, Michael. I guess that makes me no longer a virgin.

    Ghosts and like are a very interesting topic, Julie. I still wonder what it is I saw and heard.

    Huzzah Knight McSquee! Forsooth, thee are awesome!

    Huzzah, Lady Shelly!

    I don’t know if I’ve experienced a true psychic either, Lady Christine. I’d be interested in meeting one. I haven’t met a ghost person yet.

    Yes, Lord Alex. I must slide all my less than savory scenes through my priest friend. My first attempt at a sex scene was very sad if even he said it barely came up to PG.

    Huzzah Lord Maurice! That cape is very fetching on thee.

    It has been very fun Lady Mina. We were wondering on the Facebook whether any of us will go back to speaking normally next week.

    Lord Michael! I wonderful to see you such a fan of the games.

    I agree it’s extremely interesting. Perhaps it’s a question I should ask everyone from now on.

  35. Graeme Ing Graeme Ing
    November 14, 2012    

    Huzzah for the Ghost Knight. Hark and prepare to meet thy doom, all other knights!

  36. November 14, 2012    

    Shelly, thankee for your congrats! Mayhaps you’ll champion STormy Night on the morrow?

  37. November 14, 2012    

    Christine, Lady Gwen thanks you, but wherefore not champion the awesome Stormy Knight?

  38. November 14, 2012    

    Alex, thee are awesome, as well. But tis Maid Mary’s CP who is of a priestly nature. My CP is the very talented Ghost Knight, when she is not on the field!

  39. November 14, 2012    

    Mina, thanks for stopping by to learn about Stormy Knight, aka Lady Gwen:)

  40. November 14, 2012    

    Michael DG, thanks for your kind words. Psychics are indeed interesting. I know one who is the real thing – such a nice lady:)

  41. November 14, 2012    

    Summer, Knight of the Fae Forest, I knew I saw you! Um, I mean, had I been there I would have seen you, with your fluttery wings and shifty eyes, flying hither and thither.

  42. November 14, 2012    

    I’m here to cheer for the Knight of the Whispering Woods. S’Wounds this online jousting tourny is a fun idea! The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear sounds great!

  43. November 14, 2012    

    Ha ha! My mom is Night of the Fae Forest, and she is no cutpurse!

  44. November 14, 2012    

    Lord Graeme, it is a marvel to see your continued enthusiasm.

    Stormy Knight Gwen, you’re too funny :D A delight it is to have you at the Spacedock and the tournament.

    Wonderful to meet you, Lady Archer. The joust has been a lot of fun, and I had a lot of fun writing for Lady Hetty.

    Huzzah Maid Jasmyne! Thy words are wise and noble.

  45. November 14, 2012    

    I pledge my support for the Stormy Knight! Wherefore art thou cowering knights who stand against her?!

    Lol ;-)

  46. November 14, 2012    

    I like the wings, Knight of Fae Forest.

    It is great to see you, Lady Rachel. Stay and enjoy the contest awhile.

  47. November 14, 2012    

    Splendid interview with Lady Gwen!
    I also wish to cheer on Knight McSquee!

  48. November 15, 2012    

    Knights and ghosts in the same post! Very interesting, M.

    I don’t know which of the knights to root for. Forsooth, prithee may I root for them all?

  49. Amy Green Amy Green
    November 15, 2012    

    I love historical fiction and fantasy!