Evolution of Character

Today you’ll find me at Misha Gericke’s My First Book. I can tell you she writes a fabulous story, and is a great crit partner. I look forward to celebrating her future publications. She puts out a fabulous blog, too.


Wednesday I visited Rachel Morgan’s. The topic was bioenginnering. Rachel kindly taught me the trick of using Powerpoint to create better titles on my book covers. I love how we all share here in the blogosphere.


Monday I’ll be at Nick Daw’s Writing Blog. I’m thrilled to be inside Nick’s writing world. The topic will be on strategies for launching a series.
Stop by and see us.

Training for another summer up at Pine Mountain Observatory is this weekend. Only two more weeks until we open. Woot!

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3 thoughts on “Evolution of Character

  1. I definitely need to get the kids to the observatory. Definitely two out of three will completely geek out over it. Well, three out of four if you count my husband.

  2. It’s supposed to be warm this weekend, too, which means it won’t snow. I might actually try to dig my telescope out of the garage tomorrow and take it up. I’ve missed it. I could use some rejuvenation. Thanks for stopping in, Tonja.

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