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The Rifters is free for its debut (Download Links), and The Initiate can be preorderd for a dollar (Preorder Links) until its release on October 2oth. What a bargain.

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Help it reach the stratosphere by writing a story about your summer trip to Settler, OR. Of course you haven’t been there, no one has. I made it up. So you can make up your trip. 100 words or less. Or you can go longer. Post it on FB or on your blog or both. And there are prizes! More info, other giveaways and events for The Rifters can be found HERE.


Come on and Settle in Settler


Patchworker 2.0 will be published in

Twisted Earths: Tales from Untethered Realms

TwistedEarthsAnthology (4)

Patchworker 2.0 by M. Pax – Humanity is forced to live in domed centers as foul as the earth we destroyed. Artificial Intelligence holds the remains of society together, and a special team of Patchworkers keep the AI functioning at peak performance.

Patchworker Evalyn Shore leads the investigation of a homicidal Artificial Intelligence. The AI is taking over minds, leaving Patchworkers and AI managers as sacks of bio matter ready for the recycling bin. Can she create the patch to repair the AI? Or will it kill her first?

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june releases*Freebie! Heroes of Phenomena, including A Flight of Fancy by M. Pax. Ebook. Audiomachine makes a donation to the LA Youth Orchestra for every download



World on Edge now available in paperback

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Stopover at the Backworlds’ Edge now available in audiobook